6mm by 2000mm Fiberglass Rods

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6mm * 2000mm Solid White Fibreglass Rod.

This price is for one item.

Extremely strong, quick and easy to install.

UV stabilised, 10 years use time.

Span 1.2m - to form a perfect semi-circle - should be spaced 0.8m - 1.7m apart.

Please note: The rods are not designed to be bent tighter than the perfect semi-circle.


These rods can be used in a number of applications in the agriculture, viticulture, and horticulture sectors including:

  • Electric fence posts
  • Garden stakes
  • Vine stakes
  • Tree supports
  • Mechanical harvesting rods - used on grape pickers, berry pickers etc
  • Tunnel house supports/cloches.
  • Net supports
  • Cattle sticks
  • Field Markers